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Food Lion To Close

NOW CLOSED AS OF FEB 9TH – It is with great sadness to report that Food Lion will close it’s Maple Street Commons doors by Feb 15th. The workers were told last night and there is a sign on the door this morning with the words “closing soon”. Delhaize America which owns Food Lion will close about 113 under performing stores in America over the next month. The Carrollton store was unfortunately one of the stores chosen to close. Other local locations include one in Douglasville and two Newnan locations.¬†¬†Delhaize states they are trying to strengthen the Food Lion brand.

Personally I am quite stunned that this happened, although the whole Maple Street Commons development has been a disaster. The Maple Street Commons was supposed to be a mixed development with nice restaurants and upscale shopping for Carrollton. As you drive past this development everyday you could tell it was in serious trouble. This development was built right at the time where the economy was turning for the worst. Developers are still holding out from this area since it is in a low densely populated area.

One positive sign of growth is right next door at UWG and I am sure that taking those factors into consideration more housing will be built soon in this area. As for the employees that will be affected at this local Food Lion that number is unknown. Delhaize America will cut 4,500 positions all together. This is a very sad day for Carrollton and the other cities impacted on the full list. For a full list please visit this website. A full story / press release can be found here. Food Lion press can be found here. *Everything will be discounted soon* Store hours are changing to 9AM – 6PM .