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How Is Belk Doing?

By Grady Ellis,

I went to Belk here in Carrollton today and I asked an employee how the store was faring….I was told it’s one of the top-selling stores in the region….the employee told me that the Belk in Cumming is also very successful as well as Newnan…..I also asked how the Arbor Place location is doing and I was told it was struggling…..The smaller Belks are doing better than the Belks in The Atlanta Malls I think……..The reason is, Belk has long been established in the Smaller cities across Georgia….and I think the Old Stigma is still strong in Atlanta and maybe one of the reasons for the struggles at Arbor Place.

This is the story……Let’s see what happens…

Grady Ellis (A Resident of Carrollton)

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