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Olive Garden Starts Construction

GROUND BREAKING BEGINS…..I said I wasn’t going to do an update on this but however the outpouring of news-tips and people freaking out has led me to do it. In my what was called the final story on this I said it wasn’t going to happen. Well I am wrong. While this is a great thing for Jobs in the city of Carrollton it might also hurt small businesses that operate in the city. Darden’s branded restaurant Olive Garden received a construction permit on June 2nd, 2011 and apparently has started construction at the Carrollton Crossroads Shopping Center.  The construction company US General Construction Inc from Alpharetta, Georgia states, “Property owners were coming to terms”. The expected ground breaking per US General was sometime around Jan 23rd, 2012, but we are getting lots of reports from readers of The Carrollton Menu that lots of equipment is being seen.  Darden’s spokesperson was unable to be reached for comments regarding construction. US General Construction has confirmed Olive Garden construction has begun as of Feb 1 2012. Darden also owns Longhorn. For unbranded wonderful authentic Italian fare please visit our Ad Partner, La Trattoria on The Square in Carrollton.

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