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Wendy’s to add Breakfast Menu Items to Bowdon Location

With the upcoming calendar year expect changes on the Breakfast menu at the Wendy’s location in Bowdon.  I recently spoke with the new owner of the Carrollton and Bowdon Wendy’s locations.  Matt Van Paepeghem recently took over both the Carrollton and Bowdon locations in the past few moths.  He noted that the Bowdon location currently serves breakfast but hopefully by the end of March will add several new items to the menu.  Some of the new items that are planned to be added to their breakfast menu are: Penne Sandwich, Fire Roasted Burrito, Baked Granola Bar, Various Breakfast Sandwiches, and Wedge Potatoes for Breakfast.  These sound like some very exciting changes that you can look forward to in the near future.  In addition, to adding items to the Breakfast menu nationally, Wendy’s has rolled out Dave’s Hot N’ Juicy Burger which is named after the late Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas.  The burger has extra cheese, a thicker beef patty, and a buttered bun.  Wendy’s is also planning to remodel 50 of their locations.  Once March rolls around check out their new breakfast items and comment and let us know what you think.  I love visiting Wendy’s especially the Carrollton location with my two best friends David Warren and Will Herndon.

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Jonathan Dockery
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