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Dinosaurs All Flock To Jurassic Subs

What do you get when you cross Jurassic Park with Quiznos? You get Jurassic Subs located in Bremen, just outside of Carrollton. If you’re looking for some really good eats, which include Jurassic Subs signature specialty toasted subs and melts like The T Rex, which is their most popular, The Triceratops & the Fajita styled sub, The Carnivorous. Jurassic Subs has alot more than just subs & melts, in case you didn’t know. Jurassic Subs has salads straight from the prehistoric era (metaphorically speaking of course.) David Wright, the owner of this restaurant has had Jurassic Subs open for about 9 months already & he has been having great business. Lets keep his work flow moving by going by there and trying some of the mouth-watering food.


209 Davis Blvd, Bremen, GA

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