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Burrito Express Carrollton Closed

The phone number has been disconnected at Burrito Express off Maple Street in Carrollton. Honestly Maple Street is packed with Mexican Restaurants and Burrito joints but this place was super CHEAP, as in price! Just look at the sign on the left. It does appear that this is only temporary since Burrito Express plans to open up another location in Franklin, GA next week. As of March 26th the Franklin location hasn’t opened. We have attempted to reach them for comment but as I stated earlier Burrito Express has no working phone number. A sudden closure with no explanation may possibly hurt your business if you try to reopen. Hopefully they will put a note on the door or update their website. The third party delivery person we called has been trying to get in touch with them as well since several orders have come in but have not been fulfilled. The Carrollton Menu will keep you updated on this developing situation. Hopefully this is only temporary!

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Jonathan Dockery
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