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End of The Douglasville Diner

A large U-Haul truck outside the Douglasville Diner put an abrupt end to the closure rumors surrounding the embattled restaurant. I called the diner a number of times in recent weeks and they denied the closure until the end, stating it was “business as usual.” Clearly that was not the case. Several employees secretly mentioned a possible shutdown to me and I went ahead and took this picture about a week ago. I do not know the exact reasons for closure but I did try the Carrollton Diner – which shares ownership with the Douglasville Diner – and found the menu too large, the food missing the quality I expected, and a string of recent low health scores stopped me from ever visiting again. A number of similar diners have been popping up in the area lately and many have failed. They have struggled to share in the success experienced by the Landmark and Marietta Diners in the Atlanta area. I would recommend the Landmark Diner for those looking for a true diner experience, or for a more local option, the Maple Street Diner in Carrollton next to Chevron near UWG.

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