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Welcome to Moe’s! We provide fresh, hand-made, customizable Southwestern food in a welcoming environment that rocks!


Moe Monday’s – Burrito and Chips for $5.55

Every Saturday Kid’s eat free with Adult Purchase.

This is the story of Moe, a man who woke up one morning with a song stuck in his head. A classic tune about feeling good, sharing the love and doing things your own way. His “things” happened to be food – awesome southwestern fare, with a special appreciation for the form and function of a tortilla – as well as the unique ability to view the world on his own terms…through “Moe’s-colored glasses”, if you will.

He experimented with fresh ingredients and created appropriate, if somewhat quirky, names for each of his creations based on things that he loved (or that made him laugh). He opened a restaurant, and made it known loud and clear across the land that, no matter how many times a day he had to say it, everyone who came through the door would feel welcome. And his vision spread across America.

You know you’re a true Moe’s fan when:

• You yell “Welcome to Moe’s” along with the crew.
• You refuse to pay for chips and salsa.
• You sell your microwave on ebay.
• Your ipod is filled with songs from the dearly departed.
• You start naming everything you eat after an inside joke.
• There is a four-way tie for the clean plate award
• You campaign for queso to become its own food group.

Today, enough people have caught on – making the man a legend.

Welcome to the best southwestern food you’ve ever put in your face. Welcome to an atmosphere that says “you be you, we’re cool with that…”

Welcome to Moe’s.




1765 South Hwy. U.S. 27, Carrollton, Georgia 30117

(770) 830-7575

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