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Blockbuster’s Final Days

It was bound to happen, Carrollton’s last remaining video store will shut down in just a few days. Dish Network bought Blockbuster Video in July of 2011 for about 320 million dollars and originally was going to keep many of the Blockbuster stores open. The profitable stores will remain open but the ones not making enough are unfortunately shutting down. The Carrollton Menu spoke to some employees at the Carrollton Blockbuster about the situation and they are extremely sad, but with Redbox and online streaming taking over it was evident they would close. Blockbuster is located in an out-parcel space at Mcintosh Plaza off Hwy 27. They will close on March 18th we are hearing. The current price for movies = $1.99. Mattress Firm Superstore will take the place of the Mcintosh Plaza Location and Carrollton’s second location on South Park Street now is a dentist office.

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Jonathan Dockery
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