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New Store Coming to Maple Street Commons

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

UNDER CONSTRUCTION AS OF FEB 21: Carrollton will soon have a second O’Reilly location, which will be built on the westside of town. The construction permit has been pulled for O’Reilly Auto Parts at the Maple Street Commons.  Hopefully, this building will blend in with the rest of the proposed mixed use development. This side of town could use an auto parts store as there are many along bankhead but not on the westside of Carrollton.  The picture above was taken on March 16 and the construction seems to be in full swing.  They appear to be motivated to finish this project and it appears that it will be completed before we know it.  We recently spoke with O’ Reilly Auto Parts corporate headquarters and they are expecting it to open in August of this year. It sure would be nice if O’Reilly can revitalize the Maple Street Commons Shopping Center.