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Newnan Kroger Expansion


A few steps closer to finally seeing some work at the Kroger in Carrollton. My thought is the crew contracted out by Kroger in Newnan will most likely be the same crew to work on our construction in Carrollton. The Newnan Kroger is located on 48 Bullsboro Drive near Downtown. Our Carrollton Kroger was supposed to start construction sometime in March but as you can see nothing has been done yet. I would personally say that construction would most likely start towards the end of May into early June. This has yet to be confirmed but just a thought. The Kroger in Newnan will not be a Marketplace Kroger like the one in Carrollton will be. The Carrollton Menu has a couple of calls in and hopes to get some answers soon about this Kroger in Newnan and our Carrollton Kroger. We will link you to our previous article about Carrollton.

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