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Thank you all so much for your support in our website that gives you details about new businesses coming to our area. Over the last 5 months you have watched with us as our website volume has grown to insane levels. The Carrollton Menu Facebook Fan page adds roughly 25 people daily. With this growth comes more responsibility on our end to try and answer all your questions. Lately the volume of questions has reached a point where it is very time consuming to answer them all. We ask each one of you to please direct your questions to our email address [email protected] or our submit a tip option on our website. We love the fact that you are interacting on Facebook but we simply can not keep up with the volume of questions. We must stay organized and need your help. Also our AD Partners keep the website going and we could not do what we do without them. I want to say a huge thanks to all our fans and everyone that gives us tips! The community is as much as apart of this website as we are! Let’s keep the momentum going. Remember if you see something please email us directly or click this on the top of the page or here http://carrollton.thecitymenus.com/submit-a-tip/ . You can also message us directly from Facebook now. Again Thank You!


Comments : All  website comments are property of The Carrollton Menu.com and we have the right to delete or modify according to nature of content.


Business : The Carrollton Menu has a license to legally operate in the state of Georgia and within Carroll County. This can be viewed at anytime per your request in writing to [email protected] or by letter to The Carrollton Menu – P.O. Box 1936 Carrollton, Georgia 30112.

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