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We have done some digging around and finally received new and correct information about Family Dollar. The Family Dollar store received a grading permit from the city of Carrollton for a store located on the corner of Carrollton-Tyus Road and Hwy 166. This will be directly across the street from the Marathon Gas Station. If you are coming from Old Camp Church Road heading toward Hwy 166 it will be on your right. If you are coming from Bowdon on Hwy 166 towards Carrollton it will be on your right. A few months ago we heard that the old M&J Shoppette was going to be the correct location. In my mind I believe it was since there was lots of activity over there. Family Dollar had a permit pulled in December when this was taking place. With the extended delay from permit to activity I figure it is safe to say some plans were being adjusted. Soon Family Dollar will start with the construction of their building but for now grading work is in progress. Thank you all for your calls and investigative actions!

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