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New Additions To Arbor Place Mall

Exciting news is flowing around Arbor Place Mall. The most recent news is that H&M is coming to the mall later this year next to Old Navy. Recently Old Navy condensed in size so there will be some extra room for another huge store. Most H&M’s are 2 stories so it will be interesting to see what happens with the stores below it.

Another recent addition currently under construction is Forever 21 which will take up the former Borders space which is 25,800 square feet.  Also Crazy 8, the Gymboree Corporation’s children’s line and the company’s fastest growing brand has opened at Arbor Place Mall in Douglasville. Check out their website here for a preview of their clothing line. Another kids store is in the works currently and is set to open very soon called P.S. from Aeropostale. A woman’s store called Ashley Stewart will open soon. Also Vitamin World will be moving to a new location in the mall along with Pretzel Maker.

We are proud to say things are looking up for Arbor Place Mall while Ashley Park in Newnan seems to be struggling to get new stores in place. We spoke with Ashley Park in Newnan and only one store is set to open soon and that is a bread store. Ashley Park is also having issues with vandalism around their property especially in the on site bathrooms, which you are unable to use. I am very excited to see the management at Arbor Place Mall working extremely hard to draw in these really good stores.

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