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The amount of questions I get regarding Bass Pro Shops are pretty insane. At least once a week I hear someone talking about or submitting a tip about Bass Pro Shops. Since November I have been answering your questions with the same response. We have thoroughly checked all our resources multiple times and have received the same responses. Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World has just two stores under construction in the entire United States. The first location is in Colorado Springs, CO and the second is in Memphis, TN. Unfortunately Bass Pro Shops has only 3 stores within a 100 mile radius of Carrollton. The stores are in Leeds, AL ; Duluth, GA ; Macon, GA. The newest location to open is Macon, GA. The best location of a Bass Pro Shops in our area would be Villa Rica since it sits between all current stores. If subdivisions were still being built in Villa Rica and the growth rate was still skyrocketing I would say a Bass Pro Shops in Villa Rica would be very possible. Since the economic downturn of 2008 plans for big box retailers has diminished all over the country.  This area is finally recovering and we should start seeing more activity in big box retail soon. One of the reasons I started The Carrollton Menu is for this reason. Our economy is showing signs of improvement and this can be seen as more development is planned. At this time Bass Pro Shops has no plans for the West Georgia Area. Bass Pro Shops has made us aware that they do not have land in this area. Maybe in the next few years this area will see a Bass Pro Shops or some other form of retail. Again no plans for Bass Pro Shops.

Please refrain from making any political comments in reference to this post/economy.

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