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Butler’s Mill Has Closed

The peaceful restaurant out in the middle of nowhere has closed. Butler’s Mill once was a busy place for folks to go after church on Sunday if they just wanted to get out of town. I remember many Sunday’s after church at Oak Grove Baptist many of the members would all pile up in cars and take a mini road trip to Graham, Alabama. We were greeted with a huge line out the door as everyone had the same idea as us. Standing in line was the experience! Our stomachs all empty just waiting for a glimpse of the buffet line. All of a sudden we would enter the doors and boom! Time to eat. The last few years have been quite depressing for Butler’s Mill. The crowds have disappeared and the food slowly deteriorated. On my last visit I can recall only 4 other families eating at Butler’s Mill around 1pm Central Time. That is not good. I wondered then how long this place would actually last. Upon researching I found some disturbing reviews on a few food websites. Also I called the number to Butler’s Mill and it was disconnected. The Facebook page hasn’t been updated since May 1st. Many of the folks on the page stated it was closed. We also received a tip through our email in regards to the closure as well.  I honestly don’t think Butler’s Mill will reopen. Share some of your great memories and let us always remember the past.


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Jonathan Dockery
Jonathan is the founder/owner of The City Menus.