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New Businesses In Whitesburg

There’s been much “buzz” in Whitesburg regarding a restaurant/antique store opening.  The name of the business is Pop’s Smokehouse and Griil.  It’s located on the main drag in Whitesburg  near the palm tree.  Mike is the owner of the business.  He had a previous hotdog trailer there before, then bought the building beside and decided to expand. His menu (from what I understand) will consist of BBQ, Hotdogs, Hamburgers, even Taco Salad and more … all made with fresh ingredients (no skimping). Evidently they are NOW OPEN. I think it would be worth checking out. Also the former movie place has closed and is now a thrift store called, “Budget Thrift”. The location is in that trailer where the movie place used to be and CB&T years ago.  Hopefully we will have a phone number for Pop’s soon and Budget Thrift. One business that did happen to close was Macho Burger.


Budget Thrift
734 Main Street, Whitesburg, Georgia 30185 » Map

Pops Smokehouse
665 Main Street, Whitesburg, Georgia  30185 » Map


*Kyristi Edwards our news tipper helped contribute to this article / A picture was unavailable at the time, Google images helped us.*

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