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Butler’s Mill Reopens

Message from Ms. Sherry – Butlers has reopened! Catfish whole and filet all USA is on the menu starting at $7.95, crab legs are $12.95 lb. Captains Dinner with catfish, oysters, shrimp and scallops is $14 dollars or so. We can offer hotter, fresher, better quality food with a menu. When we took crablegs off the bar a couple of years ago our crowds dropped and you can’t keep good food out on a buffet with small crowds it just gets cold and greasy so a menu is much better for all! Taxes, tarriffs, and the oil spill send seafood prices thru the roof and we just could not carry the cost any longer. prices had tripled! The crab leg market, then the catfish market also exploded. Oil prices drove fish food and crab leg harvesting costs way up, and catfish growers decided they would make more money growing soybeans than catfish, causing a catfish shortage pushing prices higher. Seafood has its own little economic world just like other commodities like oil, corn, metals, etc. We invite you all down to Butlers to give our menu a try. We shut down, took some time off and are ready to serve you again! Let us know how we are doing! Please be easy my psyche is a little bruised from the past several years! Love ya’ll. Come see us!

Click for a printable Flier that one of our Facebook fans found at Walmart in Carrollton.

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