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The Carrollton Menu’s Partnership With Carrollton Main Street

The Carrollton Menu has existed since November 1st of 2011. The growth of this blog site has grown at a huge pace. Each month we break new records. After a few weeks of thinking I decided to partner up with Carrollton Main Street. The most unique thing about The Carrollton Menu is that we do not have an office or storefront. All we have is a Laptop, Camera, and cell phone. So with that being said we are a Main Street Member without a door to walk in. With this new partnership both of us can work together to keep more people informed of what is going on in the Carrollton community through Social Media. The Carrollton Menu can share Carrollton Main Street’s status updates, events, and promote new businesses in town. Also this can be the other way around. The more people we both reach the bigger both of us can become. More importantly is providing a service to our residents. Always positive and fresh.

Let me take word for word what Carrollton Main Street does. ( From Facebook) The mission of Carrollton Main Street is to promote and strengthen downtown Carrollton by providing active support, leadership, incentives, resources and opportunities which result in preservation, beautification and quality economic growth and development.Carrollton Main Street’s program also hosts 6 events each year, such as Taste of Carrollton. They now have a fantastic venue called The Amp, which we promote heavily.

We ( The Carrollton Menu) looks forward to this partnership and working beside each other to keep you updated with all the happenings in Carrollton. With this being said, over the next few weeks we will be transitioning our news stories to just the Carrollton area. This will include the cities of Carrollton, Bowdon, Mt Zion, Whitesburg, And Villa Rica. We will no longer be covering Douglasville, Newnan, Anniston, or Rome. Our focus must remain on our target audience and that is the Carrollton area. It just makes sense with our name being The Carrollton Menu. I hope you will understand. I also want to take the time to thank everyone of our Business Partners. They help us each and every month be able to operate. Please shop locally and support our fine business partners. Thank you for being apart of this wonderful and fresh experience!

Thank you,

Jonathan Dockery – Creator

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Jonathan Dockery
Jonathan is the founder/owner of The City Menus.