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Construction Progress In Pictures

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

Construction projects are taking shape on the Highway 27 / Martha Berry Highway in Carrollton. In the slide show you will see that Aspen Dental and The Sprint Store are looking very good. This is in the parking lot of Home Depot. The expected opening should be sometime in late November. Steak and Shake has not poured the concrete just yet. They are still tearing down the hill and grading. We had some reports that concrete was laid which was wrong. You can see this in the picture. Also Bojangles is expected to be in the same general area. The Kroger Marketplace has the left side walls up and is taking up the access road. You are now being detoured. Kroger will remain open during construction. Hopefully they will be done around 2013 or before. The gas station will be put in later during the project. Other construction projects include Bealls Outlet which all concrete is poured and walls will go up next week.