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Lovin Spoonfuls Construction Update

I bet you were wondering what was going on with this place across the street from THE AMP. The last story I ran about Lovin Spoonfuls was in July. Well, yesterday I received a letter from the owner that says on Sept 16, Lovin Spoonfuls will serve ice cream. Below is a copy of the letter in a NON EDITED FORM.

Just thought I would give you an update on things for my shop. Its been really crazy the past couple of weeks and didn’t make much progress with it. We are hitting it FULL FORCE this coming week and getting everything going with the walls and flooring. Equipment is ready to move as soon as we get the other stuff done. We have had such a tremendous outpouring of support from everyone in Carrollton, it just absolutely amazes me! I am in process now of getting pictures rounded up from different places from the 50’s time frame. I want people to literally be taken back in time when they step in to my shop. I can not give a defiant  date of Grand Opening, but is getting very close. A few little hiccups got in the way, but like I said, we are hitting with full force and will get it opened for all o enjoy very soon! I will keep you informed on the grand opening day. I would love for you to make it if your in town! am looking at no later than 2-3 weeks from now God willing.


Archived Story – 7/20/12 – Click Here

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