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No Plans For Petsmart

For the last several days the Google Search feature that tells us how people find our page has been lighting up with the word Petsmart. We started investigating the possibility of a Petsmart a few days ago. The Carrollton Menu email inbox started filling up with questions regarding this store. I have personally spoken to the Public Relations specialist several times over the past year and the answer has always been “no.” Yesterday, I spoke with Erin again and she told me there are no plans for a store in our area. I just about jumped the gun and said “yes” here on the Carrollton Menu — as  I was almost certain there would be one here with all the searches and rumors I’d heard. Triple checking is always the best advice when digging for info! Petsmart has expanded all across the country recently with several stores planned for the East Coast region. Carrollton is still a bit too small of a market for Petsmart. The pet store located in Carrollton Crossroads does really good business and is a great fit for this market size. I don’t see a Petsmart coming to Carrollton for a couple more years.

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Jonathan Dockery
Jonathan is the founder/owner of The City Menus.