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Kroger Marketplace Phase 1 Opens January 7th

Kroger Marketplace Phase 1


The Kroger Marketplace Phase 1 construction is nearing completion. This is the first phase out of 3 for the 125,000 square foot monster grocery store. The Carrollton Kroger Marketplace will be the largest in the state. It will feature a full line jewelry store called Fred Meyer Jewelers. Kroger will also be home to a full sized Starbucks. Phase 1 will open on January 7th. The former Kroger portion will be demolished and rebuilt during Phase 2. Once Phase 2 is complete the walls seperating the old from the new will come down . The left side of the Kroger Marketplace will feature the jewelry store, pharmacy, and furniture sections when completed. Where the former Kroger stood will host the grocery section and Starbucks. Phase 3 will bring the rest of the store together.  The new gas station will be built in the back left corner of the parking lot, which will open in mid April. Kroger has made sure that during this construction process that service has not been interupted. Kroger has also invested over 20 million dollars in Carrollton with this massive project. Kroger provided 50-60 construction jobs in Carrollton during this time. The new Carrollton Kroger Marketplace will start hiring around 200 new employees between May and August. I would like to personally thank Wade and Mr. Thurmond for the grand tour. Below are some pictures of the progress.