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Tico Joe’s Southwest Grill On The Spot Fajitas

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

Tico Joes

Tico Joe’s Southwest Grill has opened in the Thornton Promenade off 639 Thornton Road. Tico Joe’s is only  4 months old and is serving up Burritos, Fajita’s, and other southwestern food. I checked out the location a few days ago and the restaurant was pretty empty around lunchtime. I decided to do a story on Tico Joe’s because I felt like many people from Carroll and Douglas Counties pass by this location during lunchtime. They are located in a highly industrialized area. There is not a Moe’s or Willy’s anywhere near here. Tico Joe’s is setup just like a Moe’s or Willy’s. Southwestern food is very quick to make and you always get those free chips! Give Tico Joe’s a try if you are in the area. Maybe soon we will see some franshised expansion projects.

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