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Bremen Golf Course Reopening



On December 31st the Bremen Golf Course closed. Three months later it will be reopening. Below is a message we found on their Facebook just a few days ago. We left the post in it’s entirety and unedited for all you golfers to read.


Dear Members,

We are happy to announce that The Lion Golf Club will be reopening. I have purchased Ricky’s interest in the golf course. We are going to opening on Saturday, March 16. At this time membership cost will be $125 a month. This will be for an individual or family membership. We will not be requiring an annual agreement to be signed, however, we will be requiring written notice to be given 30 in advance for any member wishing
to cancel their membership. Furthermore, anyone that was a member when we closed on December 31, 2012, can play for cart fees only for the remainder of March, as long as, they give the payment information to continue their membership for April. We are currently not able to sell alcohol, but you can bring your own.

Lastly, I have paid all the utilities, taxes, and insurance on my own, with my own personal funds. The payment of these bills was not shared by anyone else besides myself. I want the city and everyone to know the lengths I have gone to keep The Lion open and operational. I am also happy to announce that J. King Business Solutions will be managing the golf course. The new phone number is 770-537-7020. Please call the pro shop for more information. Thank you for your continued support.


Jodi Newbern



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