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Sonic Boom Departs But Ballew’s Music Expanding


Carl from Sonic Boom Records left Carrollton Saturday and moved his record store back to Alabama. We visited his record shop a few weeks ago and were very impressed with his store. It was like a mini Little Five Points in one store. Little Five Points is an indie / hip scene in Atlanta that many young adults and teenagers tend to hangout at. What made Sonic Boom so interesting is that the owner could relate to almost everyone that came into the store. This caused his store to be extremely successful in Carrollton, where others may had not been. Unfortunately due to the long commute and health problems, Carl will be closing his store on Saturday. Now for the good news, Ballew’s Music will be expanding and also be selling albums, cds, and dvds. Ballew’s Music is located next door to the record shop. A status update from Ballew’s Music mentions they will be your one stop shop for all your musical needs. We will keep you updated on the progress of the transition.


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