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New Mini Mall Flea Market

Saturday April 6

The former 7 Day Flea Market and $1 Grocery store that was located in Bowdon Junction is now Mini Mall Flea Market. The previous 7 Day Flea Market and $1 Grocery Store closed a few months ago. The $1 Grocery Store actually moved off Highway 27 near Pizza Hut. It is now called Country Cabin Discounts. The grand opening for the new Mini Mall Flea Market will be announced soon. They are open from Thursday-Sunday 7am – 4pm. We will have more details soon!


Flea Market 1

Looking for some additional vendors! Anyone who is interested in renting a space should call 678-787-2975 and ask for Junior (their helper). Tables are $10/day, which includes the use of a nice big newly built table (if you rent the space for a month, the price goes down). There are also a limited number of larger enclosed rooms available. 

 Space is the ideal location for the following types of small businesses: 
children’s clothing
computer parts/repair
gardening items