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Lose Weight Now With A New Work Out Center


When you think of weight loss or working out the picture of treadmills and a concrete gym with tons of body builders flexing into a mirror probably comes to mind. Thankfully Carrollton has recently been blessed with a work out center that is entirely different from a traditional gym. It’s called Crossfit and it is a work out revolution. Instead of having you run on a treadmill and use complicated machinery, Crossfit introduces work outs that use natural movement that encourage you to get your body moving. It caters to every skill level from the couch potato to the fitness guru.  Many gyms across our area may have the tendency to really overwhelm people that are just now starting out in the fitness world. Now is a great time to join the gym because everyone is new and everyone will be learning the ropes! Quite literally learning the ropes as one of the exercises involves scaling a rope which is suspended from the ceiling of the building! However don’t let that discourage you from checking it out. They won’t let you climb the rope until you are ready and the only way do that is to start going there and work out for yourself. The owner is quite the fitness junkie and her energy and passion for Crossfit shines through when you speak to her. She wants to help everyone get into shape and has the body to prove that this form of exercise really does work.

Location : South Park Plaza – 1561 South Hwy 27 Suite B3

Phone Number : 678-664-1156

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crossfit-Infinity-1504/453786958024566



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