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Starbucks Opened June 24th

Starbucks Kroger


The Starbucks inside the new Kroger Marketplace is set to open on June 24th. Employees of the Kroger along with The Carrollton Menu were given samples today, Wednesday, June 19th. We are so excited! The Starbucks is located on the right side of the massive Kroger expansion. Also the second half of Kroger will open as well! Sushi will be available on the 24th along with The Bistro and many other offerings. A smooth transition is set to take place this weekend. Once Kroger opens the new section on the 24th the other half will be converted into a furniture store and a jewelry store. You will still have access to dairy products in this half of the store. Kroger employees will be accessible to help you find your way around. Below are some pictures behind the scenes. Thanks to Wade and management at Kroger for our tour. Enjoy!


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