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A Look Inside Rudene Green’s Inside Carroll Publication


Recently I sat down with the creator of Inside Carroll at a Cracker Barrel in Bremen. Rudene Green is the creator of the Mount Zion Bulletin and now Inside Carroll. The third issue of Inside Carroll just hit local businesses and mailboxes throughout the West Georgia area. The publication is available to those interested. Many of them can be picked up at her advertisers’ locations. Each issue is like a Readers Digest except organized with the local community in mind. Several sections are included in each publication, such as a fun story, do it yourself projects, wisdom section, fathers tribute, and best of all nothing negative. Inside Carroll also speaks highly of our heroes which are Good Samaritans. Inside Carroll brings back that feeling of good humanity. Ms. Rudene states, “When you see an emergency responder, walk up and say thank you. They hardly ever have someone say thank you.” Each issue highlights a different person every month. This is the most important part of Inside Carroll, highlighting our heroes and good Samaritans of our community. The Carrollton Menu is excited to bring you Inside Carroll posts to our website every now and then. Inside Carroll is a great resource for The Carrollton Menu to use. We are so grateful for this business!







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