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Ingles Remodels Store in Carrollton

Ingles One

You might have noticed over the last few weeks some remodeling going on at Ingles off Highway 27 in Carrollton. The Asheville, NC based grocery store has been very busy lately remodeling many of it’s stores. The smell of fresh paint is all around you in the Carrollton store. The walls were recently finished by the movie rental section and towards the back of the store. Did you know you can still rent DVD’s here at Ingles? $1.29 a day! Wow! Anyway, fixtures are being placed back to their locations and new signage can be seen throughout the store. A major overhaul is a seafood counter area in the back of the store. We looked behind the curtain to get a glimpse of what is going on with the Seafood counter. Not quite finished yet! But it is looking good. Below are a few pictures.


Ingles Seafood

Another area of the store that received a transformation was behind the sandwich meat counter. The tiles were replaced and word has it the sandwich meat display case will be changed out soon. Also the veggie area is under going a facelift with new paint on the walls behind it. Ingles is doing a mighty fine job making sure the store stays current with other grocery stores in the area.

Ingles Veggie