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Very Unfortunate Circumstances Close The Artist In U

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

Art With Heart Pottery

Unfortunately The Artist In U closed on August 19th near the Taco Bell on S. Park Street. About a month or so ago Art With Heart Pottery changed owners and their name. Art With Heart Pottery originally was located on the Square in Carrollton where Southwire sits now. The place boomed on the Square. They even had to demolish some walls in the back. Art With Heart then moved to the former Blockbuster off Highway 27 near the Hospital. Things seemed to be going well at that location. A few months later Art With Heart moved suddenly to across from the Walmart Supercenter near Taco Bell. Art With Heart also opened a location in Newnan around the same time. Newnan closed first then Carrollton closed and was bought. The Artist In U and Art With Heart Pottery gave the area a unique experience very hard to get anywhere else in the area. You find most of these places around Atlanta and the Sandy Springs area. Personally I am saddened by the closures as it was just something unique to the city. I hope maybe someone else opens up a place similar to this in the future on The Square.

Details from Facebook on how to pick up your art work.

Bad news for everyone!!! We’re having to close the art shop for good now . I will still be offering hand & footprint on plates, platters, cookie jars & still be doing stork visits!! My phone number is 770-676-8655 & my name is Leigen. Anyone can text or call me to order the hand & footprint & I will still be doing canvas parties!!!! Any pottery that has been finished & not picked up yet can be picked up at ejet print that is on the other end of the shopping center the art shop is in. Please get in contact with me to schedule canvas parties & or hand & footprints! Thank you so much to all the customers we’ve had through the past month!!


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