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Fun Article From Rudene Green’s Publication Inside Carroll

Each month The Carrollton Menu will feature an article from Rudene Green’s publication called Inside Carroll. Earlier this summer I had the chance to be interviewed by Ms. Green and we both decided to share each others community articles once a month. So each month you will see a fun filled article or an article based upon kindness in the community. We hope you enjoy and look for The Carrollton Menu’s article once a month Inside Carroll.

Aunt Jo
I am blessed to have a lot of mighty good people that I call friends and family, some Democrats, some Republicans, some liberals, some conservatives, and a few Libertarians who are a lot of fun to be around.

Aunt Jo is a picture perfect American Southern Debutante with old school mentality who is a lot of fun to sit and listen to her stories about the farm. Miss Daisy even calls her from time to time just to get advice! If you ever wanted to know what she thinks about you, just ask her, I promise you will get a straight forward answer – she holds nothing back. She does not worry about what people think about her, she makes others worry what she thinks about them! She loves her nieces and nephews with a heart and passion that most parents have a hard time keeping up with. Being retired from working for some big judge in Atlanta, she is also very smart. She could make Rain Man look for an encyclopedia! And so witty, if she were a fish, she would swim backwards to keep the water out of her eyes!

One of the best neighbors I ever had, Aunt Jo once said to me
that she was afraid she was appearing to be nosy because of how
much she walks out to the house to see Boo (niece) and Bird
(nephew). Well, I got to thinkin’ about this and figured I could find a way to see if she is truly nosy. I composed up a letter/to-do-list which involved asking her to cut grass, weed-eat, and feed the hogs. I hid this in my sock

After a couple of days with that list not being bothered,
I figured that I hid it too well so I slid it under a Better House and
Food Plot magazine with about half of it poking out. Now this is
Aunt Jo’s favorite magazine so I just know she will find it under there if she goes to snoopin’. Well now it’s been hid under the June, July, and August editions and my grass is chest tall, my hogs have widdled down so much that I might be able to get a few sprinkle of bacon bits out of them when the time comes. At least I will have a good salad. Aunt Jo has definitely proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is not nosy.

Since Aunt Jo has never laid eyes on the letter/to-do-list, and Ms. Rudene lets me write articles in the Inside Carroll, I figured I could use this opportunity to fill in Aunt Jo on what was on that list: cut grass, weed-eat, feed the hawgs, turn the chicken eggs, bush-hawg the fields, clean the shop … … Love Ya

Aunt Jo!
Uncle David