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Local Soap Maker Lands In Messer Hardware

Soap Maker

Sometimes during the year we like to feature a small business owner really making an impact in the local retail world. Local soap maker and business owner, Michelle Dixon recently found her soaps in Messer Hardware, located in Bowdon, GA. Michelle’s company called Braelle Naturals Botanicals approached the the owner, Tommy Messer and he started letting her sell products. Michelle started her journey selling soaps from being inspired by a vendor who sold soaps herself. Michelle then looked all around for the right ingredients and a mold. She started off making some holiday soaps with peppermint and cinnamon spice. Since then she creates combinations of essential oils, spices, plants, and other natural ingredients to make beautifully smelling soaps. Michelle’s business is really growing. Her Facebook page is full of beautiful soaps made right from her own house in Waco, GA. Click to see and learn more.

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Jonathan Dockery
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