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Aldi Construction Set For 2015


After months of delay, Aldi has finished their master planning stages for the Carrollton location. The Aldi-Jefferson Division reports that the store will be 17,000 Square Feet and construction is expected to start in 2015. The new store will be located across from Steak N Shake off Highway 27 at Brock Street. This is to the left of the Hampton Inn if you are looking at the Hampton Inn from Steak N Shake. Aldi is currently under construction in Rome, GA along with Sugar Hill, GA.

Earlier Story from Nov 12, 2013

According to the Real Estate department at Aldi, construction should start around the Spring of 2014. This summer the City of Carrollton approved an annexation request from Aldi Supermarkets for a location at 33 Brock Street. Brock Street is diagonally across from the Steak n Shake in Carrollton. The Aldi would be to the left of the Hampton Inn and would be adjacent to Brock Street. In our previous article from June 4th we told you that construction would begin towards the end of Summer this year. Unfortunately it appears the construction was delayed by a few months. For more than 1 year we have kept you updated through every twist and turn. Thanks again to the real estate department for helping us. Look for an opening towards Fall of 2014 if everything comes together. What is Aldi and Hiring Information? Click here. Previous Article Click Here . 2012 Article click here.



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