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Fusion Hookah Bar and Grill Opens Feb 26


Open Feb 26 / For several weeks now we have noticed a bunch of construction action going on at the former Spyro Gyro off Maple Street. According to a source close to the construction team, the new restaurant will become Fusion Hookah Bar and Grill / Club. If you are not familiar with hookah, it is part of the middle eastern culture. A hookah is a water pipe basically used for vaporizing or smoking flavored tobacco. These are highly popular by the younger crowd. Each hookah is highly decorative with a round area full of water then the metal rod part holds the coal on top. It also has a corded pipe that you smoke out of. The tobacco sits on top of the coal. Quite interesting. Anyway, the restaurant will feature Mediterranean food and American food. The scheduled opening will be soon. Now Hiring for 2 cooks and 1 prep, please call 727-906-1609 or 404-931-8777. Applications are in files for future reference if you already filled one out. All others have been hired successfully.