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Facelift For O’Charley’s in Carrollton


O’Charley’s has always been a family favorite from growing up as a child in Tennessee to finally seeing one open in Carrollton several years ago. For the past 40 years O’Charley’s has kept it’s same logo, but now a change is on the horizon for their Carrollton, Georgia location. Both O’Charley’s and Wendy’s are pushing to change their image in the immediate future here in Carrollton. Store management of O’Charley’s confirmed to us several weeks ago that corporate was in the process of making a few changes. They were noticed inside taking measurements and looking over the restaurant. Several Tennessee locations have already made the rebranding change such as one in my old hometown of Cleveland, TN. You can see a picture as well as read a story from the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, Florida by clicking here. They seem to have the best picture of the new look. Now I can’t tell you if the Carrollton location will look just like this but the logo is completely different. The timetable for the rebranding looks to be sometime in 2014 for Carrollton. No word on Villa Rica just yet.