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Pita By The Beirut Lands In Ashley Park

Pita by The Beirut

Pita by The Beirut is the spin off from a restaurant in Peachtree City called The Beirut. Currently there are 2 Pita’s by The Beirut in the area. One in Peachtree City and now open in Newnan. We were at the location for their 2nd day of business in Ashley Park last week. The place was swarming with a 10-15 minute line waiting for some delicious Mediterranean Food. The menu is simple to read with several different options. I had just a normal Falafel. I tend to stick to something I am familiar with. Pita by The Beirut takes pride in fresh ingredients. You will see that by the picture of my food below this story. It is always good to see a huge fan base for a restaurant on opening day. I predict they will be here for quite sometime. Hopefully we can provide more details about any possible expansions else where in the area.




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Jonathan Dockery
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