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600 Models Completed


Article from PR Publishing’s Inside Carroll 

Kyle started building models at the tender age of seven. He and his dad, Frank Cohran, build them together. He enjoys mostly military style models. His last one completed was of Vietnam scenery (pictured above) with a river, boats and docks. He has done one of WWII scenery which took almost four years to complete. All the models he builds are wood and plastic. He has a collection of over 600 completed models at his home. Mr. Cohran states that if Kyle ever marries his wife will have to live in the garage as there is no room in the house! Kyle is a  history buff and can identify most any tank, train or boat on sight.

Kyle and his father built a model of the “USS Constitution”, (photo below) one of 6 ships ordered by President George Washington in the 1790s .  “Old Ironsides” is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world. The model has 22 guns and each board and plank are separate pieces. Several pieces had to be built by hand. Models are Kyle’s passion and something he and his dad can enjoy doing while spending some quality time together.




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