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Ollie’s Now Open

Ollie's Bargain Outlet

On Saturday Ollie’s Bargain Outlet celebrated a soft opening between 11am-4pm at their new Carrollton location. The store is located on Bankhead Highway in the former Save-A-Lot store. The store team leader, Tom Sizemore greeted many folks as they came into the store for the very first time. Tom actually told us that he found the store team leader job on The Carrollton Menu! This is very exciting! Anyway the store is absolutely wonderful and the prices phenomenal. Ollie’s carries everything from food, books, clothes, hardware, carpet, and more! They even offer a secret coffee pot in the back of the store that pours FREE coffee for you! Make sure you get 2 cups of sugar. Also the mascot Ollie has semi comic strips all across the store on the walls. You might get a good laugh reading some of Ollie’s sayings. This is a great store to check out. The Grand Opening is on March 19th.

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