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Z6 To Undergo Improvements at UWG


UPDATE : As of July 13th, 2014 the project has begun. 

On March 25th we received word of a massive renovation that would be taking place soon at the Z6 Student Dining Hall at UWG. The project would include exterior and interior skin renovations to the current building. This would be removal and replacement of all exterior brick veneer. The architect mentions in a construction document that they would repair and refurbish the exterior enclosure area. The project is currently awaiting awards for a construction company. Once selected the construction / alteration would begin promptly. Also in the works for the Z6 is a complete roof replacement over the food service building. This includes both the existing metal roof over the dining hall and the food prep area. More details on this construction start date will be released soon. All pieces of information for this article have been provided by selective construction records. We have not contacted the University of West Georgia for a statement.

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