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Local Paving Projects

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)
Road Projects
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During a work session meeting on July 23rd, 2014 several streets were announced that would receive repaving and resurfacing.

1. Newnan St / Bankhead Hwy at Newnan Road – Repaving and Major Intersection Improvements *

2. Oak Mountain Park – Resurfacing

3. Perry Street at Sims – Sewer Issues and Repaving

4. Kingsbridge at Williams – Patching

5. Decoma Drive – Resurfacing

6. Beulah Church Rd at Columbia – Paving and Intersection Improvements

7. Oak Avenue – Patching

8. Mandeville Avenue

9. Bankhead Hwy – Patching

10. Stewart Street – Patching

11. Foster Street – Culvert Replacement

* Newnan St / Bankhead Hwy at Newnan Rd will undergo major water line improvements, new stoplights, landscaping, right turn improvements from Newnan Rd to Bankhead Hwy.