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A Special Thank You Note From Dr. Weber

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“The Bell of Hope…The ringing of the bell celebrates your last cancer treatment and offers hope to all who hear it!”
“To the Carrollton and West Georgia community:
My family and I would like to give a sincere thank you for supporting us and lifting us up in prayer during my colon cancer diagnosis and treatment. The past six months have been an experience I know many others have endured before me. As a healthy 36 year old with no family history or risk factors for colon cancer, I never would have imagined enduring this journey as others have. With no immediate family nearby, we relied on our friends, neighbors and church to support us and our small children, ages 4 and 2.  I never could have anticipated receiving the massive amount of support from total strangers. Immediately, my wife, Julie, and I realized why Carrollton is considered ‘home’ to us. The community has been a combined source of positive energy, strength, prayers and spirit. We truly appreciate each moment you spent thinking of us, caring for our children, praying for us and with us, feeding us and visiting with us. Julie and I would like to thank everyone for their support, but especially to Dr. John Arlegde, Dr. Brad Larson, Dr. Ryan Cortez, Jackie Duso, Dr. Tee Reeve, Kathryn Samples, Dr. David Griffin, the awesome staff and nurses at West Georgia Gastroenterology, Northwest Georgia Oncology Center, Carrollton Surgical Group and Tanner Medical Center, Rev. Hazel Glover, Rev. Robert Fowler and our family at Saint Margaret’s Episcopal Church, Dr. Clyde & Dr. Gwyn at Integrative Body Health and, lastly, my awesome group of patients at Elite Healthcare Physical Medicine who have been so supportive during this time.  Julie and I cannot emphasize enough our sincere thanks to the Carrollton and West Georgia community. “
Ryan Weber