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Welcome To Our New Web Experience

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)


I want to welcome each one of you to our newest web experience. The Carrollton Menu is now a part of The City Menus which was created just a few months ago. The City Menus will allow us to expand into different markets such as Newnan and continue to grow our business. Each visitor to our new websites is able to create a user name and password to leave comments, post a classified, respond to a forum discussion, and more. This gives the user a more interactive experience! More advertising areas are now available on the new website along with a fully functional business directory. As the days go by you will start to notice more content on the new website. This content will be featured on our social media as well. One of the biggest changes is our job section. It was a tough decision in doing what we did but in order to have the most updated job openings around we moved the job section to the classifieds section. Anyone is able to post in our classifieds section, at this time all postings are just $10 for a month! Our new classifieds section will allow quicker updates in real time. A new forum was added to our website where you can conduct friendly discussions with pre-selected topics. News-Tips along with other discussions can be added here. We hope you enjoy our new website, continue to be patient with us as we tweak a few things each day! It has been an exciting three years!