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Discount Store Closing In Carrollton



A few weeks ago rumors started flying around about a possible closure at FRED’s in the First Tuesday Mall Shopping Center. Last week we confirmed the news with an employee at the store. Today we spoke to someone else at the store who informed us that FRED’S would begin a Closeout Sale on Thursday. A closing time frame was not given to us. Personally I am going to miss FRED’S as it was my go to spot for water, snacks, and ice cream during my bike ride on the Greenbelt. ( I shouldn’t be eating Ice Cream during the middle of a bike ride.) As for other store closing rumors in this area, we have no additional information at this time but we can tell you K-Mart is NOT closing. We are thinking about each employee that works at FRED’S and wish them the very best during this tough time, especially near the holidays.

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