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Local Master Mural Artist Launches Debut Illustrated Children’s Book


“What if you knew the truth about Santa Claus? What if what you have always believed is wrong? Follow Craisin and his dad on a an accidental adventure to find the truth about Santa Claus. A Quest for Santa encompasses the magic of Christmas evidenced by Craisin’s unwavering belief in something he has never seen. As well as, the unconditional love of a father to support his son on this journey no matter the odds.”

Carrollton, Ga. Nov. 19, 2014-Local mural artist Chris McGahee (C.B. McGahee) released his first illustrated children’s book Nov. 7, 2014. A Quest for Santa is a 50 page illustrated book that takes the reader on a visual journey through the eyes of a boy still wanting to believe in Santa Claus. Masterfully executed illustrations and creatively written text answer questions about what really happened to Santa Claus and gives a look inside the relationship between a father and son.

“When my son was small, I was away from home frequently. During those days I missed him very much. I wrote this story during those days. The illustrations came years later. I wanted to write a different Christmas story; not the traditional kind with the same old ending. I also wanted to approach the illustrations differently. So many Christmas books are hard to tell apart. I went about creating a look and feel for this book that would be uncommon, and standout.”

McGahee has been a working muralist for the last 13 years. His murals can be seen in many local restaurants, schools and churches. His passion is for creating imaginative environments for children’s ministries in churches and elementary schools.

ISBN 978-0-692-29933-3

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CONTACT: Chris McGahee, 678-953-4221
P.O. Box 2185 Carrollton Ga. 30112
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To arrange a book signing or interview, contact Chris McGahee at [email protected] or like his Facebook Page.