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Air-force Veteran and UWG Alumni, open Sidelines Sports Bar and Lounge

Sports Bar Sidelines

Press Release – Tyler Burton
Carrollton, GA
December 12, 2014
911 South Park Street Carrollton, GA

Cousins Brett Hunt and Victor Hunt are putting a twist on Sports in Carrollton with Sidelines Sports Bar and Lounge. The North Carolina natives decided to open a Sports bar after realizing, sports is the one thing that unites all people. Not to mention good food and tasty refreshments! The idea was brought to me by my cousin VJ, says Brett who is an Airforce veteran of nine years. VJ used his business savvy to come up with the idea for the sports bar after graduating from The University of West Georgia with a business degree in December 2012. VJ was a four year starter for the wolves playing wide receiver and caught the game winning touchdown pass in 2012, beating rival Valdosta State. As an acclaimed football player you can trust that Sidelines Sports Bar and Lounge is the place to be.

Sidelines ensures that when you walk in, your a player on the field and your going to have the complete experience. Its all passion and fun with generous food, drinks, sports, and even pool. It’s the perfect place where true fans can be fans, says VJ. Everyone knows that the best place to watch a game is at the stadium, but when you can’t, Sidelines Sports Bar and Lounge is the next best thing. Its the place you can come to unite with other fans and be passionate about the game. I consider myself a true sportsman, I’ll watch cricket it I have to, says Brett. The sports bar is football themed, with renovation starting September 1st 2014, Sidelines has gone from blank-slate to the full on sporting experience. You can find your sporting happiness in any of six mounted televisions, wall projectors or at the pool table with drinks and classic stadium food. We can find any game you want to see, any sport.

I noticed that in life, people disagree about a lot of things. But one thing that always seems to unite people is sports, says VJ. It’s something that I love and I know a lot of people love. For example, I never watch Soccer, but I wanted to be in Brazil. Look at the world cup, acclaims Brett.

Does anyone remember playing football growing up? Let alone playing football in the house like cousins VJ and Brett. These sportsmen have blended their skills to bring you the complete gaming experience, united by a passion for sports. I would definitely say that we grew up together despite the six-year gap in that age difference. His father, my uncle, spent a lot of time with me and our dads kept us close. We were just at grandmas house and its ironic that VJ played football even back then. So, I went away to the military, then I came back and we kept in touch and linked back up. With hard work, Sidelines is finally opening on 12-18-2014, which is VJ’s birthday. How many times have you seen complete strangers high-five each other because their team scored a touchdown? When your in the atmosphere of cheering for the same team its easy to be friends, says VJ.

In my career in the Air Force for nine years, i’ve had to work with a lot of different people and we want people to feel welcome. We want a melting pot of people and with Vj playing sports with all different ages and races, we applaud diversity in the social lives of the community of Carrollton, GA and surrounding areas. Advice for other first time business owners would include, patience and humility, says owners Brett and VJ. Being first time business owners, you have to see the bigger picture, you’ve got to keep yourself motivated and see the end result through. Come in and enjoy Sidelines Sports Bar and Lounge, conveniently located at 911 South Park Street, Carrollton, GA. Coming to Sidelines is like an ongoing tale-gate, it’s for when you can’t make the games at the stadium. The best part is, you know that home is never far away.

The hours of operation are: Thursday 4-2am
Friday 4-2am
Sat. 12-2am
Sunday 12-Midnight
Monday 4-Midnight
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
“If there are people in here, were not going to turn you away,” say owners Brett and VJ Hunt.