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Local McDonald’s Closes

McDonald's Bremen

A local McDonald’s inside the Bremen Walmart Supercenter has officially closed. Crews were seen moving out cooking equipment and clearing the area inside the Walmart. In an article from the Wall Street Journal in 2007, “McDonald’s was at one time the exclusive in-store restauranteur for Wal-Mart.“(Click for WSJ Story). Since then in-store McDonald’s have slowly closed and Subway’s have replaced the empty spaces. A Walmart Supercenter in my former city of Cleveland, TN replaced it’s long standing McDonald’s with a Subway just after the WSJ article in 2007. The Bremen Walmart Supercenter was a corporate McDonald’s location just like the one off Hwy 27 at I-20 and the one off Maple Street in Carrollton. We tried contacting someone with the company but were sent to corporate for additional details. It is unclear at this time if Subway will take the place of the former McDonald’s.


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