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What’s New, What’s Gone…An Arbor Place Update

The new Pink Location at Arbor Place next to new Victoria's Secret location.
The new Pink Location at Arbor Place next to new Victoria’s Secret location.

Arbor Place Mall is a staple in the Douglasville retail and economic community, as well as the West Georgia region. With having a major regional shopping center, new stores will come and old ones will go. It’s the nature of having a major mall in a fairly populated suburban community. From time to time we will bring you updates on what is new to the mall, what has left the mall, changes in locations, as well as updates to your favorite stores when they happen for those who don’t visit that often. Of course when we hear of a major retailer heading to our community we will break it here. Today we took a peak at some new faces, as well as a few closures.

Since the Douglasville menu last updated you on the mall in September we’ve had a few new openings as well as some shifts. In October Books A Million! opened in the former FYE space in the Dillards wing of the mall. The store seems to be doing well and Arbor Place finally has a replacement book store to Borders that closed when the company went under in 2007. As pictured above, Pink by Victoria’s Secret opened in the mall shortly before the holiday season. In addition to Pink opening, Victoria’s Secret also moved to a larger location where GAP used to be located on the top floor.

The updated look for Bath and Body Works.
The updated look for Bath and Body Works.

Bath & Body Works also received an updated look, as well as its sister store The White Barn Candle Company. A new Vape Store called VapeVorx has opened in the lower level Macy’s court. AT&T has moved from a Kiosk in front of Forever 21 to a new store location near Hot Topic. This new AT&T store is not just a phone store, it also is a U-Verse home and internet store as well.

AT&T's new phone and U-verse location.
AT&T’s new phone and U-verse location.

Sadly there have been closings in the mall as well. Today we learned P.S. from Arepostale has closed it’s location near its parent company store on the lower level. The store was only there for a little over a year. No reason given for the closure. Regis Salon also closed before the holidays. The new AT&T store now occupies that space. A few temporary stores have closed as well. Now that holidays are over Toys R Us express which was next to Books A Million! has closed. Hope Marketplace, a charity store operated by local merchants for the holidays was located in the old Victoria’s Secret location, has also closed for the year. No word on if they will open next holiday season as well.

We will stay on top of Arbor Place openings, closings and remodels for you and let you know when they are announced and when they happen.

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