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Winston Dowdell named Chairman of the Coweta Board of Education

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)


The Coweta County Board of Education voted to elect Harry Mullins as the new chairman of the Board at their meeting on Tuesday, January 13.

Mullins – formerly the Board’s Vice-Chairman – succeeded Winston Dowdell after two years of service in that role. Board member Frank Farmer was elected as the Vice-Chairman, and board member Amy Dees as Treasurer.

Board member Linda Menk was also welcomed to her first meeting. Menk’s new term representing the school board’s 4th district began January 1.

Outgoing Chairman Winston Dowdell was praised by his fellow board members for his leadership over the past two years, and thanked by Superintendent Steve barker for his hard work in the position.

“You have done an outstanding job as chairman,” said Mullins. “You are respected by this entire community for your service.”

Dowdell thanked his fellow board members for their support during his chairmanship. Mullins presented Dowdell with his gavel as a commemoration of his chairmanship.

Mullins also thanked his fellow board members for electing him as chairman. “I look forward to working with each one of you,” he said.

Coweta County’s Board of Education has seven members. Five are elected from district seats including Amy Dees (1st district), Sue Brown (2nd district), Harry Mullins (3rd district) Linda Menk (4th district) and Winston Dowdell (5th district). Two are elected at-large by the county as a whole, including Larry Robertson (at-large district 1) and Frank Farmer (at-large district 2).

On January 13, the board also reappointed Superintendent Steve Barker as Secretary for the school board, Assistant Superintendent for Finance Keith Chapman as assistant Secretary/Treasurer, and Connie Hanson as Clerk of the Board.

The board officially set meeting times for the new year are the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m., at the 237 Jackson Street Board of Education office in Newnan.